1. If you only could wear one colour for the rest of your life, wich one would you choose?
2. Tell us something we don't know about you?
Im so short, all who have not met me think im tall but im like the tiniest girl ever. haha
3. What is you favorite thing in your closet?
I think my fur (fake ofc) or my tights, i love comfy clothes. 
4. Where do you get your inspiration from?
mostly from music videos actually, and then pinterest ofc.
5. What is your favorite kind of music then?
Hip hop and R&B <3
6. any favorite artist?
miguel, i looove miguel
7. I read that you color your hair gray yourself. how do you do it?
well, first of all you have to bleach it as light as you can, (and remember that the grey color is changing in every light. In some lights my hair is green wtf?..) and then I use maria nila - black colour refresh and mix it with conditioner, and there you go, simple as that.
8. What is your favorite season for clothing?
defenetly the spring and summer, It's freezin' outside right now.. :(
9. What do you like to wear when you go out to party?
A cropped top, high waisted pants and a loose jacket aaaand chokers, gotta love chokers!!!
10. heels or sneakers?

ja oj du ser jätte lång ut men du e fin enrå


i love your blog

Maria at Inredningsvis

Sjukt classy outfit :)

Idag har jag skräck halloween snacks på bloggen:)

Ha en fin vecka!

LOVE Maria


fin du är!


Så fin! Var är jeansen ifrån?

Svar: dr denim ofc :)
Tilla Leah

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